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iPad Acceptable Use Policy

This document outlines the guidelines to be followed by all iPad users. Breaching these guidelines may result in disciplinary action in line with Weydon School Policies.  

  • All leased iPads remain the property of the School until the final payment is made.
  • Use of the iPads whilst they are in school will be subject to the Weydon School Student Acceptable Use Policy.
  • The school reserves the right to inspect the contents of any iPad and students will be required to give the access code to allow this. Failure to provide the code will result in the iPad being reconfigured which will lead to loss of data etc.
  • All learners are reminded that if they wish to use their tablet to store sensitive information they should only do so when this is essential and this remains the responsibility of the individual.
  • All iPads are configured to use the Weydon School wireless when they are in school where they are subject to the Weydon School filters.  Students can configure their iPad to use their home wireless however filtering will be regulated by the supplier and parent/guardian.
  • Only official iOS updates are permitted.
  • You are not permitted to circumvent any of the in-built security measures or delete the profiles.
  • All students are expected to sync their device with their own Weydon iTunes account allowing them to have access to the App store. It is strongly advised that credit card details are not set up against the iTunes account and any costs incurred are not the responsibility of Weydon School.
  • The use of illegally obtained software i.e. software that has not been purchased via the App Store is not permitted.
  • The iPad must not be subjected to a ‘Jailbreak’ method in order to install uncertified Apps.  Any attempted ‘Jailbreak’ could result in total loss of data and the school will be unable to provide support for the device.
  • Use of the tablet for questionable activity including the deliberate viewing of inappropriate material via the internet is not permitted.
  • Use of 3G/4G is not permitted under any circumstances. 
  • Learners must show due diligence in regard of the security of their iPad at all times. This includes times when they are not using the device.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to back up their data regularly and ensure there is enough space to enable them to participate fully in the learning activities. School learning  requirements must take priority over personal data. 
  • When in a learning session, users should only engage with those apps that support their learning. Sanctions will apply for any learners using their tablets inappropriately during learning sessions.
  • Should your iPAD stop working in anyway, be damaged or stolen you must inform  Weydon School IT Support and not attempt any repairs either yourself or through any other means.
  • The device must be brought into school on a daily basis fully charged. Weydon School will not be responsible for loaning chargers.